What is Leadership?

People argue about the question, ‘Is a great leader born or can a person be trained to become a great leader’. Like most issues there are three groups; the first say that great men are born to be great leaders, the second group say that anyone can be trained to be a great leader and the third group say that it is a mixture of the two: Genetic factors and circumstances of birth (e.g. birth rank and family situation…like being born a prince) and training both interact in producing a great leader.

Royal Air Force

The Royal Air Force training manual called ‘Fit to Lead’ says that good leaders should have four qualities: Courage, Fortitude, Tenacity and Professional Knowledge. Fortunately, these four are not terribly difficult to train nor are they very rare to be found in people.


CWO David Watson taught Non-Commissioned Officers in the Air Cadets the acronym PRIMED to remind them of six actions that a good leader should perform. These are:
leading by Example