At Excel@Learning our tutors were thinking about and discussing the value that teachers/tutors add to the learning process. Some people may comment that people can just buy a book and read it and teach themselves. This is quite true, as people learn in different ways and different people have different preferred learning styles. We have formulated a mnemonic to make it easy to remember what value teachers add to the learning project.

The mnemonic is ‘FEMGEKI‘. This stands for the following:

Facilitate (Make it easy for them) to progress when they are stuck.
Encourage them when they feel the task is too hard.
Motivate them when they do not see the point of learning.
Guide them when they can’t see the way forward.
Explain things clearly when they are confused.
Knowledge provided quickly when they do not know.
Imagination and Visualisation of success at the end of the project to drive them forward.