I Wonder Why this Winter.

I wonder how we will get through this winter.
The icy winds, the dark days
The rising energy bills I have to pay.
I wonder why this winter
Global recession, benefit cuts, job losses,
Why do food prices rise?

No one trusts the bankers, the governments’ lies
Rich people hide their money, MPs wages on the rise
No money for looking after the aged, cannot afford to have another child?
‘Tough’ says the nation’s young leader,
I wonder how this winter
I will pay for the children’s school dinner.

The experts differ on the answer
Some say government should create jobs, a work programme, a new deal;
With apprenticeships, Ebaccs and Tebaccs the nation will heal.
Without more taxes to keep the banks from collapsing
No new lending
For business spending

If the granny babysits the children, while both parents are looking
For jobs with little chance of finding
The old woman is considered idle, not contributing
To the exchequer until she qualifies in childminding
NVQs, assessed and certified, Registered, UTRed, certified and CRBed
She needs to prove she knows how to handle, little nippers by the bundle,

I wonder why this winter
While some old grandmother’s sit alone by the fire,
Other grandmothers are forced out in the cold,
Like the little match girl of old
Soft core labour camps, Victorian workhouse, no prospect work programme,
Hypocritical, wool pulling over eyes, to pretend something is being done.

An illusion of a smooth running system, so the electorate can be proud
Of efficient ideology and effective administration
Who pretend to serve ‘The People’
All know deep inside, that the shareholders of the nation
Are hiding their faces and hiding their money
Like a supermarket price war, waiting for market consolidation.

When those who could not pay the rent or the mortgage and the energy bills
Are on the streets, hoping to survive the winter chills
Staying with friends and family or maybe in cardboard boxes,
I wonder this winter,
What happened to the EU stocks of milk, butter and grain?
Why not distribute every winter to the cold and destitute in Britain, Ireland, Greece and Spain;
And the homeless in London, Paris Berlin and Rome?

Abu Zahid.