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This blog is designed as a library of 'thoughts' and concepts for the students of Excel@Learning. It tries to speed up and simplify learning about core subjects including English, Maths and Sciences (Natural, Applied and Islamic) by breaking up topics into independent 'thoughts' or 'photons' of learning. You can contact us at . You can click to return to the Main Web Site.

Short Story: The Bulls and the Lion.

English Posted on Sat, October 12, 2013 23:54:36

The Bulls and the Lion.

Once upon a time there were three bulls that were good friends. They always went around together. There was a black bull, a red bull and a white bull. They walked together, ate together and fought together.

One day a hungry lion came near their home and saw the three bulls grazing on the field. The bulls looked healthy, fat and delicious. The lion’s mouth began to water. He had to think of a plan to eat the bulls but he could not fight all three at once.

The lion waited until one of the bulls had grazed a little far away from the other two into a corner of the field. It was the black bull. He sneakily walked up to the bull so that the other two bulls could not see him.

“Psst!” he said. The bull did not notice and carried on eating grass. “Psst, Psst”, the lion said a little louder. This time, the bull picked up his head and looked around; he saw the lion and felt afraid.

“Don’t be scared”, said the lion, “I am your friend”.

“Lions don’t be friends with bulls”, said the black bull. “Lions eat bulls!”

“Not me!” said the lion, “I’m a vegetarian; I only eat Quorn, milk and mushrooms.”

“Oh!” said the bull, “I never heard of a vegetarian lion before.”

“You need to get out of the field a little more,” said the lion, “the world is changing so fast these days. Oh! Is that the time? I have to go now, I ‘ll see you around later, friend.”

A few days later, the lion came back. Again he was careful to sneak up to the black bull when the other two where in another part of the field. He behaved in a very friendly way with the black bull, told him funny stories about himself and made him laugh with lots of jokes. Then just before he was leaving, the lion said,

“ You know that white bull? He thinks he is better than you! He walks around as if he is the leader, but I think you are much stronger and more handsome than him. Anyway I have to rush now, see you around friend!”

The lion disappeared. The black bull kept thinking about what the lion had said. He watched the white bull walking and couldn’t help agreeing with the lion; he felt bad inside. He didn’t want to talk to the white bull. He kept himself alone on one side of the field, sometimes he chatted with the red bull, but he stopped talking with the white bull.

A few days later, the lion came back. Again he said bad things about the white bull until the black bull asked,

“What should I do then?”

“Oh you don’t have to anything my friend! I’ll take care of him for you!” the lion replied.

“What do you mean?” asked the black bull.

“You just take the red bull and walk to the other side of the field. I’ll handle everything else so you don’t have to worry yourself.” said the lion. “Oh and don’t say anything even if he pretends to be your friend and calls you for help, pretending to be humble. We know how arrogant he is, don’t we?” the lion added.

So the black bull walked up to the red bull, talked with him and slowly walked away from the white bull to the other side of the field. The red bull talked and walked away with the black bull, not knowing what was going on. When they were far away, the lion sneaked up to the white bull and leapt onto his shoulders and bit him on the neck.

“Help! Help!” shouted the white bull. “My brothers, my friends where are you? I am being attacked, help me! Help me!” he screamed. The Black bull ignored him. The red bull started moving towards the white bull but the black bull told him not to bother because the white bull is just pretending.

The lion ate the white bull, leaving the bones on the ground and disappeared. Months went pass and the black bull and the red bull grazed on the field. Then one day the lion came back, sneaked up to the black bull and said,

“Hello friend, are you happy with your greater prosperity?”

“What do you mean?” asked the black bull.

“Well before you had only one third of the field for yourself, and now you are king of half of the field”, the lion said. “Which is greater a half or a third?”

“A half,” answered the black bull.

“So you are richer now than before my friend,” said the lion. The black bull thought for a minute. He missed the white bull, but the lion’s logic was difficult to argue with. They talked and joked while the red bull was unable to see. The lion came back and spend time with the black bull every day for several weeks until he convinced the black bull that the red bull was trying to take over more than his fair share of the field.

“What should I do?” asked the black bull.

“You, my friend, do not have to do anything,” answered the lion supportively, “leave everything to me. Just make sure you are far away from the red bull and don’t say anything, even if he calls out for help, pretending to be humble.”

The red bull met the same fate as the white. The lion disappeared for some time. The black bull felt very lonely all alone in the field. Sure, he was now the undisputed king of the field, but it was boring eating grass all on your own!

Some months later, the lion appeared again. He did not sneak this time, but stood tall and proud.

“Hello my friend”, said the black bull, “I have missed you.”

“You are looking very healthy and fat!” smiled the lion mischievously. “You will taste just delicious!”

“What do you mean?” cried the bull, “we are friends and you are vegetarian!”

“Oh no!” said the lion, “we cannot be friends, because lions eat bulls, I was just waiting for you to become fat and tasty!”

Poem: Tested to Tears

English Posted on Sat, October 12, 2013 23:52:20

Tested to Tears.

I have been tested to tears;
My patience has been tested
To the last sighs;
My energy tested till I collapsed.
I have been tested till I cried
Out to my Lord
Of Mercy and Might.

What nearly killed me,
Has made me stronger,
That which nearly tore my triceps,
Made them more ripped.
Each time my heart broke,
It became tougher and stricter.
Sun, wind and rain made my skin leather.

My bones screamed for help;
My heart yearned for peace.
My mind begged for end
To stress and confusion,
Trick questions, sly deceptions, corrupt councils
Paradoxes and puzzling conundrums.
My soul has wondered for how long?

How long will I be tested?
When will the exam end?
How many more questions are there?
How much time do I have?
With whom can I confer?
Who can I trust and depend on?
How can I finally, achieve a good grade?

by Abu Zahid.

Black Swan

Biology Posted on Sat, October 12, 2013 23:50:57


A rare black swan seen on the River Great Ouse in front of Bedford’s famous Star Rowing Club.

Pony Rides for Toddlers

General Learning Posted on Sat, October 12, 2013 23:45:09