Tested to Tears.

I have been tested to tears;
My patience has been tested
To the last sighs;
My energy tested till I collapsed.
I have been tested till I cried
Out to my Lord
Of Mercy and Might.

What nearly killed me,
Has made me stronger,
That which nearly tore my triceps,
Made them more ripped.
Each time my heart broke,
It became tougher and stricter.
Sun, wind and rain made my skin leather.

My bones screamed for help;
My heart yearned for peace.
My mind begged for end
To stress and confusion,
Trick questions, sly deceptions, corrupt councils
Paradoxes and puzzling conundrums.
My soul has wondered for how long?

How long will I be tested?
When will the exam end?
How many more questions are there?
How much time do I have?
With whom can I confer?
Who can I trust and depend on?
How can I finally, achieve a good grade?

by Abu Zahid.